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Length, overall: 23,0 m
Beam, overall: 4,8 m
Draught, max: 1,0 m
Displacement, full load: 54 t
Max speed: not less 25 kts

A series of small armoured artillery boats of Gurza-M (Project 58155)-class are intended to conduct patrols in harbours, rivers, lakes, territorial waters and isolated areas. Other missions include protection of borders and river ports of Ukraine, assistance to aircraft or vessels in distress, and combating illegal migration, piracy and smuggling in the Danube river and the waters of the Black Sea-Azov basin.

Endurance 5 days
Complement 5
Propulsion 2 diesels
Range (at 12 kts) not less 900 NM
Sensors and Communication: Navigation radar
Optoelectronic monitoring system
Detection sensors of laser emission
Integrated bridge system
Weapons: 2 combat modules «Katran-M»: 30 mm gun
Озброєння: 30 mm grenade launcher
Навігаційне та радіолокаційне обладнання: 7.62 mm machine gun
Навігаційне та радіолокаційне обладнання: ATGM “Barrier” type
Weapons: Portable SAM
Weapons: Mining facility
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