Main Battle Tank OPLOT

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Dimensions: 9720x4176x2800
Crew: 3
Weight: 51 t
Engine: diesel engine 6TD-2
Maximum speed: 70 km/h

Main battle tank «Oplot» is intended for combat operations in offensive Operations and defence, day and night, in different climate and road conditions, as well as in water and during using of weapons of mass distraction by enemy.

Oplot can be almost unnoticeable at battlefield:
– smokeless mode of engine start;
– making of smoke curtain;
– motor-transmission section has heat insulating cover, which decrease thermal visibility;
– anti-radar coverage of the tank;
– rubber shields on the front part of the turret;
– protective nets set.

Panoramic and thermal imaging sight.
Satellite navigation works using the Glonas and Navstar systems. Communication facilities provide control at the distance up to 50 km, with additional antenna – up to 350 km.

Tank turret rotate on 180 deg by 5 sec.
125mm gun has: armour-piercing, cumulative and high-explosive fragmentation shells.

New combined armour with several layer of armoured plates and ceramic material, mounted dynamic protection “Nizh”type – exceeds armour of competitors.

It is important, that tank for export can be equipped with:
– pipe 120 mm caliber;
– communication system (communication facilities) of customer;
– air-conditioner;
– additional power generator;
– camouflage modifications.

Special difference of Ukrainian tank “Oplot” has:
– powerful two – stroke diesel engine 6TD-2 (1200 hp, 883 kW);
– combined system for moving control;
– digital board for driver-mechanic;
– dynamic protection of new generation;
– improved level of tank side security;
– sight of commander;
– up-to-date aiming and observation devices;
– ability to fire with guided missile through barrel;
– automatic loading mechanism;
– anti-aircraft machine gun of closed type.

Gun KBA-3
Caliber 125 mm
Coaxial machine gun KТ-7,62
Caliber 7,62 mm
Anti-aircraft machine gun KТ-12,7
Caliber 12,7 mm
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