SFTF PROGRESS showcased a range of impressive brand new products at this year’s “Arms and Security – 2018” exhibition in Kyiv

SFTF PROGRESS unveiled the all-new “KHARZA” mobile radar facility  alongside other recently developed products that were demonstrated by our firm at the XV International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security – 2018” in Kyiv.  The event took place 9-12th October in Ukrainian capital’s International Exhibition Centre.

“KHARZA” MRF is intended for round-the clock all-weather defense of perimeter, site and approaches to them with the help of radar surveillance in arbitrary field-of-view (up  to 360 degrees).

It is constructed on Doppler radar with mechanical scanning of the antenna beam and optoelectronic devices, allowing to record information from cameras in the visible and infrared rays.

One of “KHARZA’s” notable advantages is its compatibility: the facility is located on a single-axis car trailer equipped with mechanical lift which allows its operative and disguised relocation.

Apart from that, the facility requires minimal time roll-out. In fact, only 7 minutes are required to bring “KHARZA” to the active state.

Also, SFTF PROGRESS displayed such products as:

  • Large Set of Magnetic Surgical Instruments designed to remove foreign bodies from soft tissues, bones, joints, various cavities and organs and is used to provide specialized surgical care in military medical centers;
  • Small Set of Magnetic Surgical Instruments designed to diagnose and remove ferromagnetic metal foreign bodies from soft tissues and is used to provide skilled and specialized surgical care at the stages of evacuation;
  • Modernized radar system RADAR-X-1-M “OKO” applicable for detection of (slow) moving ground targets in severe clutter environment detection of low altitude, low RCS air targets and measurement of target coordinates (distance and azimuth), RCS, radial velocity, and moments of Doppler spectra. The system’s notable advantages:  a) capability of detection of slowly moving targets with low RCS in the strong clutter background including marine targets, b) radar can be mounted on a mobile platform (car, track, trailer etc.), c) all weather operation, d) integration of radar data with standard geographic information systems, e) industry-standard communication interface;

  • Hook-on Ceramic-Polymeric Armored Panels (Al2O3) for additional protection of light-armored vehicles;
  • Ceramic-Polymeric Armored Panels (Al2O3) for protection of   Мі-8(17)/24(35) type helicopters.